Bandwith servers
Although internet giants like to promote cyberspace as a sunny upland we can all frolic in safely, it is fast becoming clear that the digital landscape is populated with a few satanic mills at the same time – well, content mills, anyway. However, just as we thought we were becoming a bit more sure-footed on our online journey, a new blot on the horizon appears – and this time it’s click farms. Research has suggested that less than 60% of
Books by state intelligence
Many people are wondering what an earth is happening in the world – even a once seemingly safe post-WWII western idyll has become confusing, duplicitous and at time downright frightening. There are murmurs about the resurrection of the Cold War – outrage at an American President who does not follow the accepted rulebook; and assassinations on the streets of sleepy English towns like Salisbury. As if this were not enough, there is Brexit – the result of a democratic vote