Asad Saddique is a digital marketing specialist, working in the areas of ecommerce, digital marketing, analytics, research, and various related e-commerce and digital areas. This site contains some basic info about Asad – usually related to work interests. This site is not a factual resource.


Born and raised in Birmingham, England, Asad was took a keen interest in technology from an early age. At around 12, during the days of dial up, he networked his family home with LAN style connectivity (before the days of ADSL) to create a shared network called ‘Asad Saddique’.

Moving on from hardware; he noticed the .com boom taking shape and began spending a lot of time on the internet. Discovering domain names at 13 whilst still at school, his first purchase (via his parents credit card) was his own vanity URL that was called The domain represented his first name and second initial. This was purchased and shelved for a long time.

He then went on to create an online car library with pictures and specifications hoping to drive traffic by appealing to car enthusiasts and ad space to local car dealers. This was short-lived when his focus shifted to e-Bay.

After reading a news article about the e-Bay craze pre-Amazon days where people were bidding crazy, Asad decided to pick a group of luxury items that would attract high margins and attempted to sell via the platform.

Being a new seller with little feedback and no real structure Asad Saddique struggled and gave up after a couple months. Going back to the drawing board he realised he would have to be much more competitive and appealing to his ideal customer base. After weeks of research and digging he learnt about the feedback system, customer expectations and of course AliBaba. Being able to purchase from AliBaba was the real missing piece to the jigsaw. This lead on to 2 years of successful eBay trading and Powerseller status until PayPal came along and policies began to change. Account reviews and a shake up of the industry meant Asad found himself in a situation where he was unable to continue trading on the platform. On his 16th birthday he officially packed up his eBay operation and decided it was time to move on.

After completing full time studies he opted to study at A-Level for 2 years. With one of the subjects being Economics he began taking a keen interest in the financial markets, particularly trading and another subject being Business, he took a keen interest into marketing. The next 5 years would be a rollercoaster of events but Asad Saddique came out with two assets he would carry with him for the rest of his life. One being how to successfully be able to trade the financial markets and the other being how to successfully market to the masses.

Fast forward to the current day Asad Saddique actively day trades the financial markets and has a handful of successful marketing campaigns that have resonated with millions around the world and attracted millions in sales.



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