Expertise and Skills

Paid media buying in product and service-led sectors. Using agency-level networks and knowledge to leverage traditional marketplaces.
Digital Commerce
Built a portfolio of e-commerce brands generating over £50m sales, from the ground up. Bootstrapping in all instances and learning through experience.
Trading financial markets including cryptocurrencies. Using technical analysis alongside fundamentals.


iSwegway Founder


After many years of marketing and branding third party products and services I decided to experiement with my own ideas. One of many happened to be iSwegway which I was the founder of. It quickly became the U.K.'s largest online 'hoverboard' and personal transportation e-tailer. The company had explosive growth with expansion into Europe and the Americas and went on to win awards, achieving global recognition with the support of a viral marketing campaign.

Head of Marketing

2010 - PRESENT

With global offices, Raddal Agency (formerly 360 Marketing) is a global ecommerce and digital marketing agency. I was the head of marketing in 2010, at 19 years of age. This was during the boom of paid search. I quickly learned, managed and executed various strategies with large and small budgets. This gave me first hand experience into the industry and allowed for efficient growth.

Senior Advisor

2015 - 2018

Advising corporate level departments and individuals on paid marketing strategy Web 2.0 infrastructure. A continuously ongoing service with the aim of achieving a future proof marketing strategy showcasing the advantages of paid marketing and e-commerce

Awards & Recognition

Some recent awards from Shopify, NYSE and Google, including press coverage from Forbes.

Google Partner Certified

Passed all tiers of Google exams, achieving above 96% on average to become AdWord certified. Went on to manage private advertising accounts at agency level and gained Google Partner level status by 2012. Using my experience and the AdWords platform I also went on to create my own projects and campaigns.

Shopify Build a Business

Winner of Shopify's global annual build a business competition. Entrants were in their thousands spread across 4500 cities. Dubbed as one of the world’s biggest entrepreneurial contests.

NYSE Honorary Guest

Invited to NYSE on Monday 15th August 2016 to ring opening bell alongside Shopify BaB and the New York Stock Exchange teams.



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